Cozy-Up Your Home for Holidays in 10 Easy Ways


In everybody’s mind, the holiday is all about spending relaxing quality times with families and close friends in the comfort of home. In reality, sometimes it takes a lot of hard works to decorate the house and create just the right atmosphere for a holiday. Instead of going big-budget and do a major overhaul, you can try these ten easy ways to cozy-up your house.

1.Utilize Colors

there is nothing that can change the entire atmosphere of a room more quickly than colors. You don’t even have to repaint the walls; simply mix and match a variety or furnishings such as a rug, pillows, tablecloth, vase, and flowers. Colorful room brings the cheerful mood to everyone.

Utilize Colors

2. Candles

even with modern lightings, candles still have their place as home decorations. You may not need more lights in an already well-lit house, but you surely can use candles as tools to create a warm ambiance. Let us not forget that many candles are scented, so they can help enhance the sense of comfort.


3. Bar Cart

you don’t need the full-blown mini bar to build a holiday-themed room. Besides expensive, mini bar can be too overwhelming to manage especially if you don’t plan to keep it after the holiday ends. One of the best alternatives is a bar cart placed in an entryway of the room. Use a small glass table and put some wines or ready-made cocktails on it. Bottles of different colors also help cheer up the room.

Bar Cart

4. More Lights

drape the doors and entryways with a lot of twinkling lights. Once again, you don’t actually need more lights, but they are inevitable parts of the holiday. The good thing is that you don’t have to mess around with the existing lighting fixtures. Simply hang the decorative lighting along the entryway, and you are ready to go.

More Lights

5. Books

in case some of your guests are children, make sure to stack some of the best bedtime story books on a prominent spot. It can be on the coffee table or just beside the entertainment center.


6. Background Music

decoration has everything to do with visual sense. When we’re talking about room atmosphere, however, feelings of smell and hearing also play important roles. In addition to scented candles, play a holiday music playlist to fill up the room with more joy.

Background Music

7. Decorative Mugs

cup of tea and hot chocolate are favorite beverages during a holiday. Bring up the excitement by serving them in beautiful cups. There is no need to go over-budget, pick some mugs with unusual shapes and colors and you are all set.

Decorative Mugs

8. Family Photos

there are so many ways to display family photos. During holiday season where your beloved ones are coming to visit, remove the all-day artworks and just replace them with family photos. Stacking albums on the coffee table is a good idea, too.

Family Photos

9. Put a Throw Somewhere

laying a throw on the couch or chaise can create a little bit of a mess, indeed. You may be surprised how this little mess instantly brings up the cozy effect.

Put a Throw Somewhere

10. The blanket on Display

some people may consider this an overboard, but displaying sheets just beside the furnace is actually excellent idea. No need to invest in a table or specialty towel racks; just use a ladder or a sofa.

The blanket on Display